Septic System Inspections

Who performs the septic inspection?

Pinnacle Inspection Services LLC can conveniently schedule your septic inspection with an independent qualified Septic System Inspector. Our referral will provide you with a highly trained Septic Inspector with over 25 years of experience in inspecting, servicing, repairing and maintaining septic systems.

How is the septic system inspected?

Your Septic Inspector will perform an Open Pit Septic Inspection. This type of inspection is a complete visual evaluation of the septic tank and the absorption areaís current condition and the operational ability of the entire system. The inspection will start within the interior of the home to verify which plumbing fixtures and appliances are connected to the septic system. Depending on the size and occupancy of the home, water from within the home may be operated for as many as 20-60 minutes depending on the occupancy of the home, to simulate or to boost the average daily water usage. The septic tank is then located and uncovered by the use of available site plans and/or random probing. Each septic inspection includes a pumping of the majority of the waste from within the septic tank to expose the inner components of the septic tank for an exhaustive visual evaluation. The capacity and the condition of the septic tank are then determined. The Inspector will attempt to locate and identify the type of absorption area utilized by this system by performing random probing into the absorption area to determine if acceptable liquid levels exist within the absorption area.

I never had a septic system before. What do I do?

Your Septic Inspector will explain to you how the entire septic system and each of itís individual components function. Lastly, your septic inspector will advise you on the proper care and maintenance techniques needed to keep your septic system healthy. Your inspector will prepare a written report that will be included with your home inspection report.

For addition information on septic systems, please link to the following septic system link

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