Water Analysis

What types of water test are available?

Pinnacle Inspection Services LLC offers a vast variety of water testing packages design to meet all of your water testing needs.

What types of contaminates can be found?

One of the most basic contaminates is bacteria. Also know as total coliform. Minerals such as iron, manganese, sodium, hardness, chlorides, nitrates, fluorides, pH, copper can also be found. Radon has also been found in water. As well as the more harmful volatile organic compounds.

If I am selling my home, what do I do?

For all real estate transactions, the private well must be tested under the guidelines of the New Jersey State Private Well Act. Pinnacle Inspection Services LLC can coordinate with a state licensed and certified laboratory to conduct this test for the seller or the potential purchaser.

For addition information on water analysis, visit NJ Well Act.

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