Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Who can inspect my home for wood destroying insects?

Pinnacle Inspection Services LLC Inspectors are highly trained and experienced NJ State Licensed Professionals in the field of Wood Destroying Insect inspections.

How do you inspect a home for insects?

Our inspectors will conduct a full exterior and interior visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of the home including garages, porches, decks, basements, crawlspaces and attics. Where wood members are accessible, such as in the basement area, a random probing may be conducted.

What are we looking for?

As part of the visual inspection, our inspectors experience will enable them to identify any evidence of a wood destroying insect infestation. Evidence may include live insects, insect damage, carpenter ant frass, termite shelter tubes, insect body parts and exit holes. If evidence is found, Pinnacle Inspection Services LLC Inspectors will recommend the best course of action needed.

Can I get a mortgage without performing a Wood Destryoing Insect Inspection?

The majority of the lending institutions will typically require a wood destroying insect inspection on residential properties. Pinnacle Inspection Services will include the NPMA-33 HUD Form required by most lending institution with your written home inspection report.

For addition information on wood destroying insects, visit Wood Destroying Insects.

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